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Camp Activites

Outdoor activities promote physical fitness and mental well-being

for all of our space cadets.

Ranch Camp stretches across a vast expanse of 388 acres, brimming with enchanting trails, picturesque campsites, vibrant wildflowers, and awe-inspiring boulders and caves. It's like stepping into another world, where you can unleash your creativity surrounded by the splendor of Colorado's great outdoors.

At the heart of camp, our cosmic campers live, eat, sleep, and play in our modern, space-inspired facilities. Designed to immerse you in the stunning beauty of Colorado's wilderness, you'll feel the creative energy flow as you embark on your motion design adventure.

2023 Activites

  • Archery

  • Basketball

  • cornhole

  • Field Sports

  • Hacky Sack Sessions

  • Hiking (lots of trails!)

  • Kickball

  • Low & High Ropes Course

  • Mountain Biking

  • Music Corner

  • Swimming (Onsite Pool!)

  • Teva Farm & Garden

  • ZIP-Line

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