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fireside chats

Experience the energy of a dynamic gathering of top industry professionals, inspiring fresh ideas and fueling creativity that sets the scene ablaze.


AAron draplin

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Get ready to explore the inspiring world of creativity and design with

Senior Astronaut, Aaron Draplin.


His unique approach to design takes us back to a simpler time, where the glow of the CRT monitor was the only light we needed.


aaron has worked with some of the most legendary brands, including Field Notes, Nike, and even the Obama administration.

But don't be fooled by his incredible talents - Aaron is as down-to-earth as they come. He's the perfect camp counselor for anyone looking to explore the intersection of the past and the future.

Get ready for a futuristic journey with the visionary founder of Neon Zoo, Elyse Kelly.


As a master of animation and film, Elyse's expertise in crafting visually stunning, impact-driven content has made her a sought-after leader in the industry.


With over 15 years of experience working with top clients such as Netflix, Sesame Workshop, and MEOW WOLF, Elyse has developed a unique perspective and understanding of how to create content that transports audiences to other worlds and galaxies.



Creative & Visual Strategist of Space

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David LeVine is the Creative & Visual Strategist and a true space pioneer. David is a multi-disciplinary creative director who knows how to bring technology, entertainment, and culture together to create unforgettable experiences and stories.

David's expertise makes him the perfect fit for camp mograph and any aspiring space explorers who want to learn about the creative side of space travel.


His award-winning work has been featured at cultural events and museums across the galaxy, including the Tribeca Film Festival, E3, MTV Music Awards, and more.

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