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Learn. Relax. Unplug.

North Hero, Vermont
October 3-6, 2019

On sale until 9/6/2019

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 Not Your Typical Kind of Meetup

How often do you get to sit around a camp fire with other motion designers? You will at Camp Mograph. The first annual Camp Mograph will take place in beautiful North Hero, Vermont on Lake Champlain, Thursday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 6th, 2019.


Our goal with Camp Mograph is to provide motion designers with a very non-traditional kind of retreat. You can leave your computers at home. Most events and conferences are being held in the hustle and bustle of large cities. Camp Mograph is a chance to learn, relax, and disconnect in a natural, serene setting, and what better place to do it than Vermont in the Fall.

Campers can expect to find indoor and outdoor activities, workshops, industry-leading speakers, fireside chats, networking with fellow artists, and general group camaraderie.

In addition to providing typical “Camp Activities,” Camp Mograph will also feature unconventional design themed workshops that will teach traditional techniques that transfer over to motion design and animation.

Camp Activities include:

•  Painting  •  Tennis  •  Basketball  •  Fishing  

•  Archery  •  Canoeing  •  Ping Pong  •  Baseball

•  Volleyball  •  Dodgeball  •  Frisbee Golf 

•  Slingshot Range  •  Climbing Wall  •  AND MORE!

What to Expect Each Day

Campers can begin showing up around noon on October 3rd to get settled into their cabins, or set up their tents.


If you're planning on flying into Burlington International Airport, we will have a limited shuttle service picking campers up throughout the day. When you purchase your tickets, please include that you will need a shuttle to camp, as well as what time your flight comes in.


If you don't have that information when you book, you can always let us know later by email at

Arrival day will be a day to relax and get to know the other campers. You have many ways to get to the camp. The closest airports are:


  • Burlington International Airport (BTV) to Camp: 45 mins

  • Montréal International Airport (YUL) to Camp: 90 mins (border crossing could add more time)

  • Albany International Airport (ALB) to Camp: 3 hours 15 mins

  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)  to Camp: 3 hours 45 mins

  • NYC John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) to Camp: 6 hours


There will not be any workshops that day. Campers are free to explore the camp or participate in some of the standard camp activities. Dinner will be provided that night, and afterwards, campers will gather together for drinks, socializing, and the first of several fireside chats.

The next two days campers can participate in the daily workshops, as well as activities the camp provides. No need to worry about food, because breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided to every camper. Each night we will gather together for a fireside chat with an industry professional for an open Q&A, followed by more drinks and socializing.


Sunday the 6th will be the day we say goodbye. Breakfast will be provided that day and we will have limited shuttles to the airport.


Campers will have the option to attend several different workshops running throughout the camp.  These workshops won't be your typical how-to-tutorials you see at every other meetup. While not explicitly centered around Motion Design, these hands-on workshops will cater to the imagination and encourage creativity, while giving you valuable information that should easily translate to Motion Design. 

•  Principles of Animation 

•  Design Principles 

•  Illustration 

•  Story Telling 

•  Color Theory 

•  Sculpting


•  Health & Mental Fitness 

•  More to Come!

But wait, there’s more! As an added incentive to attend each workshops, campers will receive a collectible patch that signifies that they attended. You'll want to collect them all.


Fireside Chats

Each evening will feature a fireside chat with an industry leader. These will be different then your normal presentation, the fireside chats will be more of a Q&A with a wide variety of topics, and we're super excited to have a killer lineup. 

Workshop Instructors

Jax Jocson

Character Design

EJ Hassenfratz

Principles of Animation

Satine Phoenix


Greg Gunn

Color Theory

Caitlin Cadieux

Design Principles

Patrick Goski

Modeling and Sculpting

Casey Hupke

Health and Mental Fitness

Can you put a price tag on adventure?
Yes you can! See below...

We've worked really hard to make Camp Mograph as affordable as possible. Tickets will range from $425 to $525 per person, depending on whether you're choosing the single camper ticket, or renting a group cabin. Tickets will include: lodging, food, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), activities, and entertainment. There are several options for staying with us at Camp Mograph.  

Group Cabins

The cabins at Camp Mograph will make you feel like you've been transported back to summer camp as a kid, but unlike camp as a kid, group cabins let you choose who you bunk with. When you purchase a group cabin, it will include admission for a set number of people. Each cabin contains 4 to 5 twin size bunk beds, and can sleep anywhere from 1-12 people. The 12 people cabins include 2 semi-private rooms with twin beds. 

There are four villages throughout the camp that house all the cabins. It's important to note that the cabins are bare bones and do not have bathrooms. Each village has it's own communal bathrooms and showers. Every cabin does have electricity in case you absolutely must bring your electronics along. :)

There will be three types/sizes of cabins:

Cabin A:

• Sleeps up to 8 People (4 Bunk Beds)

• Includes tickets for 4 campers.

• Regular Sale Price: $2000 - ($500 per person)

• Additional Camper tickets can be purchased for $425 each.*

Cabin B:

• Sleeps up to 10 People (5 Bunk Beds) and

• Includes tickets for 5 people.

• Regular Sale Price: $2500 - ($500 per person)

• Additional Camper tickets can be purchased for $425 each.*

Cabin C:

• Sleeps up to 12 people (5 Bunk Beds & 2 Semi-Private Rooms with Twin Beds)

• Includes tickets for 6 people.

• Regular Sale Price: $3150 ($525 per person)

• Additional Camper tickets can be purchased for $425 each.*

*To purchase additional camper tickets, just add single camper tickets on checkout.

It's important to note that while a mattress will be provided, bedding, linens, and towels are not.  We encourage you to bring your own, or rent bedding and linens from the camp. Just add it at checkout for an additional $30 per person.

Community Cabins

A big part of conferences and events, are meeting new people, and what better way than with the Community Cabin Ticket! Community cabins are perfect for those traveling far distances, or for those who are having trouble finding a group to bunk with. When you purchase the community cabin ticket, you will be guaranteed a spot in one of our cabins along with other motion designers. No need to find bunk mates. 

To make people as comfortable as possible, when you purchase a community cabin ticket, you will will have the option to select whether or not you feel comfortable in a coed cabin.


Limited Community Cabins are available, so get your tickets now!

• Regular Sale price of Community Cabin Tickets are $500 each.

It's important to note that while a mattress will be provided, bedding, linens, and towels are not.  We encourage you to bring your own, or rent bedding and linens from the camp. Just add it at checkout for an additional $30 per person.

Single Camper Tickets

We are also offering Single Camper Tickets for those wishing to save a bit of money by sleeping on the campgrounds in their own tent, or for those who wish to make their own accommodations. The single camper option will still include food, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), activities, and entertainment 

• Single camper tickets are $425.

In a Tent

This option is perfect for people who wish to sleep outside in the great outdoors. Campers can bring their own camping gear and sleep in one of the designated tent camping areas. This option still includes all the same perks as the cabin ticket, just without the cabin.


Perfect for those glampers who prefer to make their own accommodations or those who live locally. The single camper offsite ticket gives you admission to the camp along with all the food, drinks, and activities, but you will be providing your own sleeping accommodations. 

For those interested in staying offsite, we have secured a group rate at the Shore Acres BNB as well as the North Hero House, just up the road from camp. They will be offering campers a 15% discount until August. Just ask for the Camp Mograph rate. You can contact

Shore Acres at (802) 372-8722 & North Hero House at (802) 372-4732. If you choose to go this route, we'd recommend booking ASAP. Vermont in October is extremely popular, and there's a limited quantity. Rooms will go fast! 


All Camp Mograph Participants are expected to abide by the Camp Mograph code of conduct.

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