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Camp Lodging

Community Cabins:

These are the perfect spot for a comfortable getaway. Similar to cabins we’ve had previously, the Community Cabins feature dormitory-style sleeping with 6 bunk beds and 2 bathrooms per cabin and include climate control and electricity.

Private Rooms:

If you want to splurge a little, this year we are excited to offer Private Rooms.  These cabins are a duplex with a private room and private bathroom on each side, and include double beds, bunk beds, common areas, TV, microwave and refrigerator.

This year linens are NOT PROVIDED so please come prepared with your own bedding!

Community Cabins


Bunk with fellow Mographers in one of our Community Cabins. These cabins have two private bathrooms and showers as well as air conditioning and heat!

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Do you want your own private space at Camp? This ticket includes your own private room with a full size bed and your own private bathroom and shower. Cabins that contain private rooms each have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a common area in between the two rooms.

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Private Rooms



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