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we stumbled upon a dusty old box of photographs and field notebooks in one of the abandoned cabins. As we sifted through the box, we discovered a treasure trove of snapshots and stories, capturing moments from the camp's past. The photos revealed the evolution of the camp, from its early days as an Astro science summer camp to its transformation into a vibrant artistic community.


We were struck by the raw energy and passion captured in each photograph and felt it was our duty to share these historical artifacts with the world.


We have carefully restored, created and digitized each photograph with artificial intelligence, and now offer them to you as a glimpse into the rich history and vibrant creative culture that defines Camp Mograph.

Once upon a time, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, there was an abandoned Astro science summer camp, hidden within a sprawling western ranch. Time had forgotten the camp, leaving it to the mercy of the elements and the relentless march of nature.

The once-bustling facility was now a ghostly reminder of its former glory, its secrets preserved by the towering peaks and the whispering winds.

It was in the midst of this desolation that a group of motion graphics artists stumbled upon the camp while on a hiking expedition. Captivated by the juxtaposition of space-age relics and the rugged western landscape, they were inspired to breathe new life into the abandoned site. They called it Camp Mograph, a sanctuary for artists to unite, learn, and unleash their creativity.


As word spread, artists from around the world flocked to Camp Mograph, drawn by its unique setting and the promise of artistic growth. They embraced the ranch's rich history, incorporating its rustic charm into the camp's design. The old bunkhouses were transformed into cozy cabins and communal spaces, while the neglected stables became vibrant art studios.

The counter-culture influences of the motion graphics artists infused the camp with an air of freedom and creativity. Graffiti adorned the walls of old buildings, and psychedelic tunes drifted through the crisp mountain air. The vibe was undeniably chill, and the artists found themselves immersed in an environment that celebrated individuality and self-expression.

Fireside Chats became a cornerstone of Camp Mograph's evenings. As the sun dipped behind the jagged mountain peaks, artists would gather around crackling bonfires, sharing stories of their creative journeys and forging deep connections. The camaraderie and wisdom exchanged during these sessions fueled inspiration and strengthened the bonds within the community.

By day, the artists engaged in hands-on art classes held in the open-air classrooms that overlooked the breathtaking Rockies. Drawing upon the stunning surroundings and the camp's space-age roots, they experimented with a variety of disciplines, such as animation, 3D printing, and illustration. The fusion of nature, technology, and creativity led to the birth of

awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Camp Mograph was also a place for personal and professional growth. Thought-provoking business workshops provided the artists with the knowledge and skills to turn their passion into a sustainable career. They learned the ins and outs of marketing, contract negotiation, and financial management, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the art world with confidence.

In time, Camp Mograph became a beacon of creativity and collaboration, drawing artists from every corner of the globe. The abandoned Astro science summer camp, once a testament to humanity's boundless curiosity and ambition, had been reimagined as a haven for artistic exploration and self-discovery. The legacy of the camp lived on, its spirit rekindled by the indomitable passion of the artists who called Camp Mograph their home.

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